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Diamond burial

A gem of a person

The diamond has always been regarded as a symbol of eternal love and remembrance. ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds allow you to capture the remembrance of a loved one in a very special and personal symbol of love.
Diamant Bestattung
The death of a human being often hits us hard, just as saying goodbye seems almost impossible to us. In our hectic and rapidly changing modern world, it is often no longer possible for relatives to visit a grave. This is why we would like to help you to have a tangible symbol of remembrance and expression of your love.
The philosophy behind ALGORANZA Memorial Diamonds is to preserve the memory of the deceased and to stimulate remembrance of our loved ones. ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds have already become a "place" of remembrance for many people in our increasingly mobile society, allowing relatives to "let go" in a conscious way and to take control by passing the diamond on to the next generation.

Every diamond is unique

Just as flowing water naturally turns to ice in certain conditions - in a similar way, we re-enact the creation process in the earth's interior and transform ashes into unique diamonds.
Every person is unique not least due to different lifestyles and environmental factors. These have a measurable influence on the chemical composition of the ashes. ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds are created solely from the cremation ashes therefore the memorial diamond appears white in some cases and blue in others - no two stones are alike. Each stone is unique - just as the person was in their lifetime.

An ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond™ is....

A beautiful and timeless connection to your loved one
Your own personal "place" of mourning, remembrance and joy
An everlasting heirloom to pass down the generations
Unique and individual.

Guaranteed free of additives and admixtures

ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds are created from human carbons. The chemical composition of the ashes is analysed prior to every transformation process, a "chemical fingerprint" being taken that delivers extremely precise information on the individual composition of the ashes. By means of the accompanying certificate, ALGORDANZA guarantees that the memorial diamond originates from the ashes supplied in the urn.

Purity and shine

We manufacture all diamonds with the greatest care. Most of the ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds correspond to a quality grade of at least SI (Slightly Included). Due to the special nature of memorial diamonds and their uniqueness, individual inclusions may also arise. This underlines the diamond's unique character.


The colour of ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds ranges from white to blue. ALGORDANZA guarantees the natural colouring and does not use any additional colouring procedures.


The transformation of the ashes takes place with the greatest care and respect - the dignity of the deceased is of great importance to us. ALGORDANZA voluntarily abides by the professional code of ethics and rules of conduct of the German, Austrian and Swiss funeral directors. ALGORDANZA treats all data with the customary Swiss discretion and does not pass on any personal or confidential data to third parties. ALGORDANZA is a member of the Swiss Federation of Funeral Services. Every order is assigned a code that enables both you and us to follow the production process from receipt of the ashes in the urn to final inspection and handover. On request, we will be happy to provide you with information on the status of the transformation of your diamond.
The price of a diamond burial starts at € 3,890

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