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Soziales Engagement
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Entombment is carried out in a similar fashion to interment. However, burial is not in a grave dug in the ground but in a room with stone walls. The coffin is also slightly different. It is made of metal or has metal inserts which are rendered airtight by soldering.

Possible services - entombment

  • Advisory session
  • Journey and collection (basic washing and dressing)
  • Administrative formalities (hospital, official bodies, etc.)
  • Coffin as specified by the customer
  • Transportation of the deceased to the cemetery
  • Refrigeration until burial
  • Design and printing of funeral notices, commemorative pictures and thank-you cards
  • Liaison with the cemetery and religious dignitaries
  • Organisation of funeral service
  • Music (live music or CD)
  • Burial of the coffin by our own funeral assistants
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