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Gemstone burial

Gemstone burial is a special type of burial and a new way of burying a loved one. It involves a special form of cremation and is a caring way of saying goodbye. In this process, certain elements are extracted from the cremated ashes. In a special procedure, which was developed in Austria, a so-called generation stone in the form of a sapphire or ruby is created from these elements.
This metamorphosis into a generation stone results in an everlasting, unique keepsake which can be touched and also worn. The memorial stone is an heirloom which tells its own story down the generations. The gemstone is as unique as the person. 
Generation stones start at two carats and are offered at an affordable price. It is possible to choose between different colours and sizes (up to 12 carats). Extraordinary brilliance is achieved as a result of selective hand polishing. The gemstone is produced by a scientifically recognised process. The gemstone is finished and handed over to the bereaved within 30 days.

The procedure in detail

  • Delivery of the urn to the manufacturer
  • Analysis and preparation of the ashes
  • Extraction of the required elements 
  • Crystallisation process
  • Hand polishing and refinement of the generation stone
  • Handover of the personal and unique gemstone and the urn including certificate


A professional and transparent production process is guaranteed in accordance with international quality standards (ISO 9001). The dignity of the deceased is preserved at all times during the production process. The extraction of the elements and the crystallisation process are scientifically approved.
Price (depending on carat weight)
1 ct - 1.960 €
2 ct - 2.235 €
3 ct - 2.904 €
4 ct - 3.921 €
5 ct - 5.488 €
6 ct - 7.956 €
7 ct - 9.765 €
8 ct - 14.640 €
10 ct - 27.780 €
12 ct - 52.032 €

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