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Stillbirths and miscarriages

When a child dies during pregnancy or after birth, this is a very sad event, as the child embodies the many expectations and aspirations of the parents. 
Should a stillbirth occur, the parents are responsible for the burial, and certification from the registry office is required.  You are therefore advised to get in touch with us so that we can help you. 

Burial on the instructions of the municipality of Vienna

If the parents are not in a position to meet their legal burial obligations, the child is buried on the instructions of the municipality of Vienna (MA 15) and interred in the collective grave in Vienna's central cemetery (Group 35B - "Baby cemetery").
For burials of this type, the parents have no influence on how the funeral service is carried out. The cremation of babies lost to miscarriage is done collectively, with burial at a collective burial site taking place four times a year.  Individual burial occurs for stillbirths. The grave will be closed within ten years. It is not possible to obtain an extension of this time period.

Support from Bestattung Himmelblau

The price for a burial with a funeral service for a stillborn child is € 599 (excl. cemetery costs). Burial in the family grave is possible.
Please telephone us on 01 361 5000 if you require further assistance.

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