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Soziales Engagement

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Our funeral home was founded with the goal of helping people to say goodbye to their loved ones with dignity at a fair price. We believe that a respectful and personal funeral does not have to be expensive.
Our mission is to assist people seeking help in difficult times.

Contact persons

Contact 10th district office: Mr. Graf

Contact 13th district office: Ms. Kolmitzer

Contact 18th district officeMs. Kabourek

Contact 21st district office: Ms. Gloss

Contact 22nd district office: Ms. Dana

Principles on which our private funerals are based 

  • Supereme professionalsim
  • Dealing respectfully with the deceased and their relatives
  • Transparency and fair prices
  • Individual and personal support for our customers

We work in cooperation with the WIENER VEREIN funeral insurance company

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Bestattung Himmelblau is a member of FIAT-IFTA. FIAT-IFTA is the world-wide organization for all concerns of funeral directors on a global scale. For example, FIAT-IFTA is the contact point for the United Nations and the World Health Organization WHO, when the funeral industry is affected by multinational decisions. The FIAT-HERITAGE Committee is fighting alongside UNESCO for the preservation of important evidence of burial cultures on this planet.


European Federation of Funeral Services (EFFS)

European Federation of Funeral Services (EFFS)


Bestattung Himmelblau is a member of the European Foundation of Funeral Services (EFFS). Since 1994, the EFFS has been the contact point for the concerns of funeral homes at European level. An important task: for what is fixed for Europe applies sooner or later also in Austria. The EFFS works, for example, on the European-wide standard for burial services, a Europe-wide minimum qualification for funeral directors, or the European postgraduate course Funeral Services MBA, as well as on the EU biocides directive or the harmonization of VAT rates for funeral services in Europe.


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