Keeping an urn at your home

Bestattung Himmelblau Wien Urne zu Hause

Many people feel that they are better able to process their grief if they can remain close to the deceased after death.

In such cases, you may choose to keep the urn at your home instead of organising a burial in the cemetery. For this, you will require an official permit from the relevant municipality of residence (in Vienna, the MA 40). Our staff can advise you on the necessary formalities.

Our services

  • Personal consultation at one of our offices

  • Advice on various urn models

  • Support in obtaining the permit (MA 40 – Municipal Department of Social Welfare, Social and Public Health Law)

  • Transport and collection of the deceased

  • Hygienic preparation of the body, dressing and laying out

  • Environmentally friendly solid timber casket including bedding

  • Blanket and pillow

  • Transport to the crematorium

  • Cold storage fees at the crematorium

  • Cremation charges

  • Collecting the ashes from the crematorium

  • We can organise the funeral ceremony

  • Delivery of the urn

Shortfall in cemetery charges

Storing the urn at your home is by far the least expensive option. Cemetery fees comprise a significant portion of the burial expenses, and the “urn at home” option allows you to save this money.

Alternative funeral types

Bestattung Himmelblau Wien Erdbestattung Interment Sarg Coffin


In case of interment, the deceased is buried in a coffin in a cemetery. Generally speaking, a solemn ceremony takes place prior to the burial. This ceremony can be organised according to the individual wishes of the bereaved.
Bestattung Himmelblau Wien Feuerbestattung Urne Cremation

Cremation in Vienna

Since prehistoric times, cremation has been the dominant form of burial throughout much of the world. One reason for this is our ever-increasing environmental awareness: although cremation consumes a considerable amount of energy, it is still better for the environment than a burial.
Bestattung Himmelblau Wien Naturbestattung Natural burial

Natural burial

More and more people are opting for forms of burial that are close to nature. A natural burial is a beautiful idea to show pleasure to nature.