A flowing cycle

Bestattung Himmelblau Wien Donaubestattung Donau burial

With this kind of natural burial, the ashes are placed in a particular type of urn and then given to the water. The material will dissolve after a little time, allowing the ashes to be swept away by the natural water currents. This kind of funeral is also possible in Austrian rivers such as the Danube.

Many people find this type of funeral especially comforting owing to the close connection between the element of water and the concept of eternal freedom.

Each burial in the Lower Austrian section of the Danube requires a burial permit from the relevant district, which we will be pleased to obtain on your behalf.

More information can be found at www.nuovobestattung.at/donau-und-seebestattung/

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Alternative funeral types

Bestattung Himmelblau Wien Erdbestattung Interment Sarg Coffin


In case of interment, the deceased is buried in a coffin in a cemetery. Generally speaking, a solemn ceremony takes place prior to the burial. This ceremony can be organised according to the individual wishes of the bereaved.
Bestattung Himmelblau Wien Feuerbestattung Urne Cremation

Cremation in Vienna

Since prehistoric times, cremation has been the dominant form of burial throughout much of the world. One reason for this is our ever-increasing environmental awareness: although cremation consumes a considerable amount of energy, it is still better for the environment than a burial.
Bestattung Himmelblau Wien Naturbestattung Natural burial

Natural burial

More and more people are opting for forms of burial that are close to nature. A natural burial is a beautiful idea to show pleasure to nature.