Islamic burial

Islamic burial in Vienna

Bestattung Himmelblau Wien Islamische Bestattung

Islamic teachings recommend that the burial be conducted as soon as possible after death. Only burial in earth is permitted; cremation is forbidden by Islamic law.

Here at Himmelblau Funeral Services, we take care of the planning of an Islamic funeral in Vienna in accordance with Muslim rites and laws.

This includes obtaining the necessary documents, arranging a time for the ritual washing by members of the Muslim community and the burial, which may take place either in the Islamic section of the Vienna Central Cemetery or in the Islamic cemetery, as preferred.

Ritual bathing

In Vienna, the ritual bathing customary in Islamic funeral rites may only be carried out by Muslims. Deceased males are bathed by men, while female bodies are attended by women. The deceased is washed three times from head to foot with hot water and soap in the bathing rooms in the Islamic section of the Vienna Central Cemetery or at the Islamic Cemetery. This is accordance with the rules set out in the Sunna and the standards provided by the words and actions of the Prophet Muhammad.

Islamic burial

The use of a casket for an Islamic burial is legally required in Vienna. The deceased is wrapped several times in the Kefen, a linen cloth, and the body is laid on its right side in the casket, facing Mecca. Once the casket has been oriented towards Mecca, the prayer leader and the mourners pray together for several minutes while standing. Prostration before the casket is not permitted. After the deceased has been laid out, the casket is carried to the grave by the congregation. The grave will also be oriented towards Mecca.