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Soziales Engagement
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Worldwide transportation

The Bestattung Himmelblau funeral home is there to help you if a relative has died in a distant place in Austria or abroad. We take care of all the necessary formalities (liaising with public authorities, contacting embassy, obtaining authority to transfer the body, etc.) and arrange for transportation of the deceased. We use our own vehicles for short distances and air transportation for longer distances (e.g. from overseas).
We will also assist you if, for example, the police have already appointed a funeral director for the recovery of the body or its transportation to the nearest mortuary (e.g. following an accident or death by unknown causes). The funeral director appointed by the authorities is only responsible for this transportation. Relatives can then contact us and arrange for Bestattung Himmelblau to carry out the next steps.

Arrangements and formalities

We will take care of all the necessary arrangements, such as contacting the embassy and all the legal formalities. We have a modern fleet of vehicles for the transport of deceased persons to or from foreign countries. The same applies to transportation within Austria. We attach great importance to providing a rapid and cost-effective service with due reverence and respect.

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