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Funeral Plans

We know from experience that it is often a great relief to the bereaved when the deceased has made provisions and expressed in their lifetime their wishes regarding their own burial. It is often difficult to make decisions in the painful times following news of a death.

There are many doubts as to whether the right thing is being done - is this what the deceased would have wanted? Are all the relatives in agreement or are there points of contention? What will the neighbours say?  And so on.

By clearly stating your preferences in advance you ensure that your wishes will be fulfilled and remove a heavy burden from your family's shoulders. We give you the opportunity of setting up a funeral plan, thereby arranging and determining your burial (including funeral service, cemetery, gravestone etc.) according to your wishes.

Funeral plan - cost control

You also have the opportunity of determining the total costs that will be incurred while you are still alive. Therefore you only pay as much in advance as you have stipulated in your lifetime and do not pass on a financial burden to surviving family members. On request, we will be happy to give you the opportunity of paying by instalments.

We will behappy to advise you, free of charge and without any obligation on your part, on all the options in terms of making provision.

We work in cooperation with the WIENER VEREIN funeral insurance company (direct settlement of accounts).

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