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Himmelblau Funeral Services is a partner and insurance agent for Wiener Verein.

Wherefore a funeral insurance?

Bestattung Himmelblau Wien Wiener Verein

Wiener Verein offers a funeral insurance service. All expenses pertaining to the funeral will be covered by the insured amount.

Preparing in advance means accepting responsibility for yourself and others.

With a funeral insurance policy, you spare your family a high financial burden and make the difficult time of grief a little easier for them.

Determine your wishes regarding your funeral while you are still alive – the funeral can be planned down to the smallest detail. You can decide whether you would prefer burial or cremation, whether a priest is required, how the ceremony is to be conducted and which music should be played.

Our staff will work with you to calculate the amount of insurance you will need. A few days later, you will receive your policy from the insurance provider Wiener Verein. The advantage of funeral insurance from Wiener Verein is that transport costs are also covered if the death occurs abroad. You can also choose the option of doubling the amount of insurance the event of a fatal accident, so as to better provide for surviving family members.

If you wish to make a plan, we will supply you with a provisional policy – known as “funeral insurance” – and calculate the amount of insurance for you in advance. If an insured family member should die, then we will organise the funeral expenses directly with the appropriate insurance company, regardless of whether the funeral policy is from Wiener Verein or another insurance provider.

If you require more detailed information, please contact us to arrange a personal consultation.

Accounting directly

If a deceased relative has a funeral insurance policy – no matter which insurance company is involved – Bestattung Himmelblau will arrange the accounting directly. As a family member, you will not need to make any preliminary payments so long as the costs are within the scope of the insured sum of the policy. The insured sum is often greater than the costs of burial. In this event the remaining amount will be promptly transferred to your account.