Checklist in the event of a death

There are numerous things that need to be done in the event of bereavement from instructing a funeral director, finding the necessary documents and informing important departments.


In this regard, it is particularly important to us that, in the event of a death, we support you in a way that enables you to grieve and reflect on your feelings instead of being overwhelmed by a multitude of difficult decisions.

Necessary documents

We will be happy to assist you – if required – in getting copies of important documents and with official administrative tasks.

Here you find a overview of all register offices in Vienna.

We will be happy to advise you regarding the various options as a interment or cremation.

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In the event of a bereavement, we advise you around the clock on the burial in Vienna

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Funeral Types

Eine Urne aus Ton, die von einem Lichtstrahl beleuchtet wird.

Urn at home

Many people find it easier to process their grief if they are able to remain close to the deceased, even after their death. In this case, you have the option of avoiding a funeral at the cemetery and keeping the urn at your home.

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Urn Burial

Cremation, or incineration, is an alternative to burial. In this case, the body is placed in a wooden casket and burned.

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Pusteblumen im Sonnenaufgang.

Angel babies

Infants who die during pregnancy or at birth are known as “angel babies”. We will assist if you wish to hold a funeral ceremony in Vienna for an angel baby, and we will keep the expenses of such a ceremony to a minimum.

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