Vienna exhumations

Reasons for exhumation

In an exhumation, the body is removed from the grave some time after a completed burial. There may various reasons for such a disinterment. It is important to comply with the applicable regulations and to decide, in each instance, whether the exhumation may be carried out or not.


There may be several different reasons to exhume a cadaver from its grave. In general, with exhumations, it is important to distinguish between a planned and an unplanned procedure. This depends on whether the period of rest, or lease of the particular gravesite in the cemetery, has expired or is still ongoing.

We are pleased to support you in planning and implementing an exhumation, and will take care of the necessary official procedures.

Planned exhumation

When the period of rest for the deceased has expired, the cemetery management can apply for a planned grave opening. This usually occurs with the aim of making room in the grave for more bodies. In this event, the mortal remains of the deceased will be placed in a single casket and re-buried.

If the body has not yet completely decomposed, the remaining parts of the body will be burned and the ashes buried in an urn.

Unplanned exhumation

An unplanned grave opening involves the exhumation of a body when its period of rest has not yet expired. This is usually done if the deceased is to be reburied in a different grave or at a different location. For example, the family may want the body removed from a row of graves and reburied in a special location.

An exhumation may also be required on forensic grounds, when the cadaver of the deceased must be reexamined.

Our services

Planning and execution

We will take care of all official procedures

We will be happy to assist you in planning and carrying out exhumations and any necessary transport as well as the various official measures necessary to this process.


Application process and costs of exhumation

An exhumation may be required by family members or the Public Prosecutor. It is important to follow the appropriate official procedures (Health Department) to obtain a permit.


The expense depends on factors such as whether the process involves the unearthing of a casket or an urn.