Advisory centre 12th district

Our advisory centre is located in Eichenstraße 48 – our team will be happy to spend time with you talking about all the important decisions you have to make.



Elisa Eichinger

Our Services

If a death has occurred, we will take care of all the necessary steps and discuss with you how best to proceed. We support you in a way that enables you to grieve and reflect on your feelings instead of being overwhelmed by a multitude of difficult decisions.


Contact & Location

Advisory centre 12 th district – Hietzing

Location in Vienna Meidling is currently under reconstruction. We will be there for you in Vienna Meidling in the future.

Contact & Location Advisory centre Meidling


Phone: 01 361 5000 12
Mo–Thu: 09:00–16:00, Fr: 09:00–13:00


Eichenstraße 48

A-1120 Wien