Orthodox burial in Vienna

The various Orthodox Christian churches require the deceased to be buried, which is the only permissible funeral type owing to Orthodox belief in the hope of the resurrection. Cremation is against Orthodox rituals and a cremation will usually not be attended by Orthodox clergy.


Prior to burial, the body of the deceased will be washed, dressed and laid out in the casket with their crossed hands positioned holding an icon.

Final blessing

A religious service is a central element of an Orthodox funeral. During the final blessing, small candles are given to the mourners and incense is used. The officiant first reads the gospel and then the prayer for absolution. The prayer for absolution should be spoken over the open casket. Background music by a choir is not common. After the relatives have taken their leave, the casket may be closed and carried out. Orthodox funeral ceremonies often last much longer than other types.


Orthodox burial

A short prayer will be read beside the grave. The casket will be lowered into the earth, possibly accompanied by singing. The grave should be aligned so that the head of the deceased is towards the east.


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Funeral Types

Pusteblumen im Sonnenaufgang.

Angel babies

Infants who die during pregnancy or at birth are known as “angel babies”. We will assist if you wish to hold a funeral ceremony in Vienna for an angel baby, and we will keep the expenses of such a ceremony to a minimum.

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Eine Urne aus Ton, die von einem Lichtstrahl beleuchtet wird.

Urn at home

Many people find it easier to process their grief if they are able to remain close to the deceased, even after their death. In this case, you have the option of avoiding a funeral at the cemetery and keeping the urn at your home.

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Urn Burial

Cremation, or incineration, is an alternative to burial. In this case, the body is placed in a wooden casket and burned.

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